Turner Pet Cremation Veterinary Services

Turner Pet Cremation provides special services for Veterinary clinics in Jackson, Memphis, West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. Our charges include pickups and delivery to the Veterinary clinics in our area. We currently serve several veterinary clinics in the area.

Turner Pet Cremation has provided my clinic compassionate and attentive service since it opened in 2008.  Our clients appreciate the beautiful wood urns with engraved plates as well as the reasonable pricing.  We are so happy to be able to trust Turner Pet Cremation with all of our cremation needs. ”

-Dr. Jen Clay, Utopia Animal Hosptial

“We have used Turner Cremation for approximately 8 years and have been very pleased with their service for our clients. We have toured their facility and know that they operate as claimed and with integrity. From a customer service standpoint, they have always been dependable and extremely friendly and compassionate.”

-Dr. Jimmy Murphy, The Pet Hospitals

Please contact us to talk about having Turner Pet Cremation serve your clinic.

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