2010 - 2022

To love a dog awakens the soul and our max awaken a many of souls. Max was a vitail part of our famiLy. Max Was A best friend and a superhero. Max came I to our lives after a devastating loss of a loved one and help my family heal. Max also would later become my sons seizurE service dog. YEs! Then 4 years ago Max would have spinal injUry fRom coMing off the couch that would paralyzed him from front legs back. But Max the superhero proved all the vets wrong and in six weeks max was back up walking. The new title giving by vets is the MIRACLE dog. Max had a wonderful life you see! For what ever max wanted, max got! Max was king of the house in his 12 years! Go over thAt rainbow Bridge “Maxi”! You were so loved And well be greatly missed. Our hearts will forever have a Max PAW-PRINT on them!
Loving a dog awakens the soul! And for you Max, you awaken a many of souls!